Socially oriented ULLs


This report aims to contribute to developing customized approaches for setting up, questioning and/or elaborating Urban Living Lab (ULL) approaches in the context of the regeneration of large-scale social estates and, more generally, deprived contexts. The literature review is illustrated with several existing foreign and domestic best practice examples of Living Lab cases in underprivileged areas. It therefore revisits literature on participatory planning, co-design and Urban Living Labs.
In the context of the SoHoLab research, this is the result of the second investigation (T2.2) that intends to guide the development of a tailored methodological framework for Urban Living Labs. Each university partner adopts different research angles, in relationship to its own institutional and planning context (Paris (Longjumeau, Taverny, Fresnes), Milan (San Siro) and Brussels (Peterbos), stage of the Living Lab and according to its own research disciplines.